I’m back

I don’t really have an audience to talk to at this point and I’ve been gone for a year and a half, but I’m back.

Why am I back? Well, I aspire to become a game developer. Why go into journalism? I want to be involved in the industry somehow until i have the skills required to start making games. Why not mod? I am currently learning.

What to expect: A post every couple of days talking about whatever I want to talk about really, game related of course. I will report current game news, and try to give it some unique analysis. I don’t have “sources” in the industry but I hope to attend the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco later this year. I try to view many sources to gain my information, so game-breaking news probably won’t come from here first.

I can however promise all my readers that I will provide news and analysis on a bi-daily basis and will keep you informed on the industry.

I may also be adding a Youtube channel at some point depending on how well received this is.

If you like my articles, please send it to others who are interested in these topics.

Thanks so much and stay tuned into AAG!


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