A New Concern in Gaming?

It has recently been reported that the database from the free-to-play online gaming site Gamigo had been hacked. Approximately eight million email addresses and encrypted passwords have been taken and posted publicly online. News of the hack had actually been reported back in early March, but it was online recently on July 6th that the information had been posted online on Insider Pro.

The information was taken down and hashed to be made difficult to decipher, yet anyone with experience in hacking would have no problem obtaining the information. It is advised that any who had information on the site change their passwords for their accounts and anything else they use the same password for.

It was only slightly over a year ago that the Playstation Network had been hacked, compromising millions of users credit card accounts, passwords, and email addresses. Fortunately there weren’t many complaints about the personal information being used or credit card numbers being stolen. The concerns though continue to grow as online gaming grows, and in a broader sense as more information continues to be shared over the world-wide web.

How afraid are you of a possible hack into you’re accounts? Do you see it becoming a problem in the future? What steps, if any, would you suggest to other viewers in keeping their information safe?